Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lone Survivor-Marcus Luttrell

Four Navy Seals embark on a mission on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border to kill or capture a big al-queda leader. 24 hours later only one seal was left alive. 

Marcus Luttrell  fought overwhelming odds to survive and tell the stories of how his buddies fought and died vallintly. True American Heroes.

A must read for the real deal on Seal operations in Afghanistan.

Touching the void

This is a story about mountain climbing gone wrong. Joe Simpson and climbing buddy Simon  managed to make it to the top of a 21K peak in the Andes when Joe fell and broke his leg. Bad.  Simon did his best to help him get down but it seemed doomed from the start, then while lowering Joe during a blizzard Simon was forced to cut the rope or be pulled over the edge with him. 

You should definitely read this book if you like nail biting stories of survival. It made me realise that I never want to go mountain climbing. I'll stick to the bike.